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Zulfiqar sword

Zulfiqar sword

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Zulfiqar is the name of the sword of Ali ibn Abi Talib which is said to have been given to him by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, according to Shi'ite tradition. Zulfiqar is the legendary sword with which Hazrat Ali was blessed by Hazrat Muhammad PBUH during a war. Few think that it was sent by Allah through Hazrat Jibrael when Hazrat Muhammad PBUH prayed to help Hazrat Ali in the battle of Khandaq. Some believe that Zulfiqar was the sword. Zulfiqar is one of the most ancient Islamic Sword, given by ALLAH through Jibrael (AS) to Ali (RA) in the Battle of the Trench. We have seen how Ali (RA), Lion of Allah killed the infidels with his sword Zulfiqar. It is the sword given to the Ali (RA) by Muhammad Prophet (PBUH.

When I conceived this module I hoped that the zulfiqar would offer an example of an early wootz sword. It doesn't. The Zulfiqar, also spelled Dhulfaghar. Why does both of them matter, except for sentimental value? Islam is not based on objects or personalities, it is based on Taqva and practice. If you want to. This sword which the Prophet now gave to Ali had once belonged to an . Before the Giant could raise his sword again, the Zulfiqar flashed in.

The Zulfiqar was one of the swords of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the pommel of the sword was made of silver,and this was the most. One of the things that made Ali such a badass on the battlefield was his mythical sword Zulfiqar. Zulfiqar was a large scimitar with a two-pronged v-shaped point.


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